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Sector Review – Punching Below Our Weight – Cancer Prevention

Published: 1 February, 2024 | Category: Cancer Prevention Action Week Policy

To commemorate World Cancer Day 4th February 2024, we are publishing our latest report “Punching Below Our Weight: A Review of the Cancer Charity Sector’s Attitudes to Cancer Prevention”, in which we review almost 50 organisations in the cancer charity sector for their attitudes to cancer prevention. Although a widespread commitment to prevention exists among…   Read More >

What do cancer charities think about prevention?

Published: 2 June, 2023 | Category: Policy

CancerWatch exists to campaign for improved cancer prevention, and we will take a major step forward when we achieve registration as a charity this year. From there, we will aim to build up our campaigning activity. But what should that new activity look like? What work can we do that will not replicate what other…   Read More >