About CancerWatch

We believe that too little is being done today to tackle preventable cancers at their source.

Who we are

We an organisation made up of people whose lives have been affected by cancer, who are passionate about eliminating preventable cancers in the future.

CancerWatch was founded by Jill Clark, whose husband died suddenly at the age of 46 from oesophageal cancer, leaving her with two small children. She has campaigned tirelessly since then for more research and earlier diagnosis for cancer, but above all to prevent cancer happening in the first place. Realising that very few charities emphasise the prevention of cancer, she has set up her own organisation. CancerWatch is the result.

We are registered as a charity in England and Wales (charity number 1206140).

CancerWatch is privately financed, primarily with generous donations from interested individuals.

What we believe

We believe that government legislation and public health policy are among the most powerful instruments for the eradication of preventable cancers . Existing cancer charities are understandably, and rightly, focused mainly on treatment and research. This leaves a gap in campaigning for better action on prevention, which we aim to fill.

Although personal responsibility is important, we believe this is not sufficient, and the responsibility for a healthier society lies squarely on the shoulders of government both through public policy and its influence over private and commercial enterprise.

We believe the importance of scientific research is often squandered by a failure to disseminate the outcome of that research and embed it in society. It is the responsibility of public policy makers to ensure that the output of science is fully reflected in legislation and utilised to the benefit of all.

We believe the private sector has a large part to play in preventing cancer. We support the private sector for example in the reformulation of food and the development of healthy ingredients and its myriad of other health promoting activities. This should be directed and fully supported by legislation and guidance from parliament and its agents.

We believe that increased knowledge and the provision of greater information about health among individuals can change the ways people lead their lives and underpin consumer demand as a whole, creating a society that keeps us free from illness and despair. However, that cannot come about unless parliament and other policy makers provide the leadership in public policy to enable it to happen.

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