Some cancers
can't be prevented...
But too many can

Stopping Cancer At Source in the UK

CancerWatch is an advocacy and not-for-profit organisation campaigning to reduce the number of preventable cancer deaths each year by increasing awareness, improving regulation and encouraging more creative thought to reduce the incidence of cancer in the UK.

We have a number of campaigns related to preventable cancers. Do read our blog for up-to-the-minute information or write to us to get in touch.

Tackling the problems

Cigarette ends


Smoking is considered to be the most preventable cause of cancer. And yet about 19% of the British population still smoke, and about 35,000 people a year die from lung cancer each year.


British people are the fattest in Europe, with about 58% of UK women and 65% of men are overweight or obese. Obesity is a major cause of cancer, responsible for some 13 different types.
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Alcohol is an important risk factor in many cancers, including breast, bowel and oesophageal cancer. Consumption of alcohol has risen steadily in the post war years, doubling between the 1950s and the 1990s.

The main preventables