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State of play: alcohol

Published: 23 February, 2023 | Category: Alcohol Cancer Prevention Action Week

Throughout this Cancer Prevention Action Week, we are reviewing the current state of public policy for the major risk factors in causing preventable cancers. Like poor diet and smoking, alcohol can cause many illnesses. The most widely recognised are probably liver disease and the life-disrupting effects of alcohol addiction, but the causal link to cancer…   Read More >

Labelling: what’s in a bottle of wine?

Published: 12 March, 2020 | Category: Alcohol

In front of me I have a bottle of Australia McGuigan Estate Merlot. Like most people I enjoy a glass of wine and I often glance at the label to read a bit of background information about the wine. But since becoming a campaigner against cancer I increasingly look more closely at the health information…   Read More >