Alcohol Labelling

Alcohol labelling fails to inform consumers of the dangers of alcohol consumption.  Most people enjoy a drink, with good cause, but many of us misuse alcohol.  Alcohol causes seven different types of cancer including breast, mouth, bowel and oesophageal cancers.  The less alcohol you drink the lower your risk.

As with all public health campaigns the starting point is information and awareness.  In our opinion this information should be provided on the label, not via a website address, and in a font size that is readable.  We believe it is absurd that  foods such as bread or cheese carry more health information than a bottle of alcohol.  As a minimum we want the following to be mandatory:

We directly lobby MPs and work alongside other organisations who have a similar agenda.  Current legislation on wine labels is a result of EU as well as domestic laws, and   with the advent of Brexit the UK no longer has excuses for taking no action.