Breast Cancer Incidence

In 2019 there were 55,000 cases of breast cancer and the incidence of the disease has risen some 25% over the last 25 years, although mortality from the disease has fallen in that time.  1 in 7 women now get the disease. (Statistics from Cancer Research UK).

Part of this rise has been due to an ageing population, but even when age is taken into account (so-called age-standardised statistics) there has been an increase in the incidence of this disease. It is worth distinguishing between the causes of breast cancer and the causes of the increase in the incidence of the disease. 

Estimates vary, but some 30% of breast cancer incidence is the result of  so-called  lifestyle factors – alcohol consumption, adult obesity, HRT use, lack of breastfeeding, and other issues. 

We campaign to reduce the incidence of breast cancer through women’s groups and women MPs, and GP’s surgeries and their Patient Participation Groups.  We canvass breast cancer charities to ask them to emphasise the preventable aspect of the disease.  We campaign through community groups.  We lobby breast cancer screening authorities to inform women of the risks.  We lobby for better health information on bottles of alcohol.